Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Car Accident Part 2

wow im a slacker to the max! i guess i should finish my car accident post, and then i can post about everything else that has been going on.

So i left off where I had just been transfered to Labor and Delivery, let me tell you that the nurse i had that day was awful, and i can say that because i am a nurse. but anywho i was transported there and the CNA came in and had me sign my admit papers, after that i didn't see anyone else for 45min, the next person that came in was the doctor. He came in to check on me and tell me what the plans were for day. he asked if the Nurse had come in yet, and i said no, he was really suprised. but he told me they were going to draw some blood, and do an ultrasound and monitor me over night to make sure baby was stable.  so before the RN came in i had the lab come draw blood and the ultra sound tech come in and do my US, then after that the RN finally came in! holy cow i was kinda frustrated by then, and when she came in she didn't even tell me who she was, she wouldn't look me in the eyes and rushed thru everything. ugh. but besides that everything came back looking really good, no problems with baby or me :) jesse stayed with me till about 5pm then he headed home. I had a bunch of people from work come visit me while i was staying there, which was nice to have some company. then i just hung out till the morning, and was discharged the next morning at 10am. My night shift nurse was awesome, and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

That same day i was in the hospital so was my friend Cami, she was a few doors down from me in L & D she was having contractions and actually had her baby that night, at 33 weeks, way to early, but her and baby are perfectly healthy.  so it was fun texting her all night, and visiting with her.

The next day i headed home, and was told not to go to work for a week, and just take it easy. so thats what i did. it kinda sucked missing work for the pay, but i was so sore, i had some extreme bruising on my chest and pelvis and hurt to move. so the first few days i just layed around. then that weekend we decided since i didn't have to work we would go up and visit Jesse's mom and sister. (i will post about that later)

The main thing that i want to remember about this experience was the feelings of comfort and love that I felt from my heavenly father. the moment my car stopped, the first instinct i had was to say a prayer. it was a very short and quick prayer but it helped me a whole ton. yes i was still in shock and freaking out but once i started to calm down i felt very comforted and knew that ultimatly everything would be ok. After looking at pictures of my car, and hearing from the doctors that it was a miracle that i wasn't injured worse, and that i was able to walk away from my accident, i knew that my heavenly father was watching over me, and that he was with me in the car, and kept me and Josie Safe. it was a huge testimony builder for me. I have so much love for my heavenly father and I truly believe that he knows each and every one of us and what we need, and that he watches over us in times of need. I am very grateful to be a memeber of this church.

I am so grateful that me and Josie are ok, and I can't wait to meet her and hold my little girl :)

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Edith Hunter said...

I'm glad that nothing happened to your baby! It's already traumatic going through a car accident, and even more so when you're pregnant. Thankfully, you didn't suffer anything serious and your baby is fine.

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