Monday, March 29, 2010

good weekend

so last night we went to our friends Mike and Shelly's house for dinner, we met up with Terri, Bryan and there two kids Emma and Nathan. it was a great night of playing games, eating great food, and delicious cake bon bons! mmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about them. so delicious! i must say that i LOVE these two families, i have known them since before i got married and they have always been good to me and my family! mike and Shelly have 2 wonderful children Madi and Logan they are the cutest little kids ever. and Emma and Nathan i have known since they were tiny! Emma has always been my little pal, and when our family's would go camping we would always play, or i would do her hair. i just love these kids and there parents. I feel so grateful to have great friends down here that treat me and Jesse like family. It gets hard being away from mine and jesse's family so it's really nice knowing i have someone to go to if i need anything! speaking of Jesse's family, his mom, sister and her husband are coming down this weekend to celebrate Easter with us! im very excited to see them! I miss my niece Paisley! she is the cutest girl ever and so fun to be around. i just know its going to be another great weekend.

on a more educational note, i take my NCLEX 2 weeks from today! so scary! I started the Kaplan Review today and i can already tell that it is going to help me out so much! I know that im going to pass it this time, i feel that this Kaplan Review is what i need to help me with my test taking anxiety and how to answer the questions correctly! so im very grateful to be taking it!!

any-who hope all is going well and that everyone enjoys  general conference this weekend!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 more day!

Only 1 more day till my husband comes home! yay he has been gone for a week. he went out to maryland to visit his sister Chelsea. he is having a blast and im so glad he got to go, but im ready for him to come home, ive been so bored this week! and im getting lonely! 1 more night of no husband than he will be here yay!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

job interview

So I got a call this morning, from Kolob Rehabilitation Center in St. George for a Interview! i was so excited i got ready adn headed down there, started the interview adn they lady was ready to hire me until she found out i had already taken the NCLEX and what that means is that i can't get a temporary license because once you test they wont let you get it until you pass it. so she had to say no. it was a sad day! but she said that if i call her in april after i pass my test and she has an opening she will give me the job! so at least i got my foot in the door somewhere. it jsut sucks, i wish i would of known about that rule, but oh well. at least i got practice interviewing!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

im so sick of being sick!

So for the last week and a half i have gone to bed sick, and woken up with a massive migraine! im so tired of being sick, i just feel like blah, and have no motivaion to do anything because all i want to do is sleep! ugh stupid life, i just want it to be warm out and for me to feel better!