Thursday, March 22, 2012

24 Weeks

woohoo Im 24 weeks! and man my belly has grown! which is nice because i finally feel pregnant! :)  Baby Josie sure has started to move like crazy, this last week i swear she hasn't stopped at all! she is all over the place, but its good to finally feel her move. I can't believe how fast time has gone by, she is going to be here before we know it! we have finally picked out a color for the nursery, and i started to make a baby quilt for her crib. and we got a killer deal on a changing table, it just needs a coat of paint. so i think things are slowly coming together. we just really need to empty out the office so we can start moving babies stuff in there. but we have to find places for everything that was in there. oh well. Im feeling good, just tired. work is going good, but its getting harder and harder to work three shifts in a row, by the end of the week my feet are killing me and my back!!  so with this next schedule im going to space out my work week a bit. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

21 weeks over half way there!

ok here is a quick post with a belly picture! i know i have been slacking on those.

pregnancy update, i am 21 weeks, last week at my doctors appointment everything went well, baby and i are both healthy. the doctor did seem concerned that i had only gained 7lbs so far, but said baby is growing fine so as long as i eat healthy an make sure to eat i will be good. the problem is i dont have an appetite. yes i eat, but these are things i have been craving and could eat all day! : pancakes (seriously love them, i was so excited tues was national free pancake day at ihop! totally ate 2 short stacks ) grilled cheese, mac and cheese, banana peppers, sherbert with sprite, apple sauce, ham and cheese hot pockets. and i think thats it for now. but mainly all i want is pancakes mmmm.......\
My belly is starting to pop out, and i only have a like two stretch marks :), my boobs have gotten huge! which is so nice, since i have been a flat girl my whole life. maybe that was a little TMI but oh well. hormonal wise i have been good, sometimes i snap over silly things but then apologize right after. but no crazy crying spells.  my migraines have gotten much better, i went to the chiropracter and it helped a ton! still tired but not as bad as the 1st trimester.
We are starting to work on babys nursery :) well thinking about it, i can't decide on fabric for her bedding which is causing lots of stress because im not to great with sewing and i plan on making her bedding (with the help of my sister in law and mother in law) we are going  to paint her nursery aqua, pink and yellow, or at least those are the colors i am going to do.
We  finally picked out a name for our little girl :) she is going to be Josie, after jesse's grandma, we are still working on a middle name but i love Josie its going to fit her perfectly.

so on a different note, since thats all i can think about baby right now, starting Monday i will be full time Days at the hospital!!! this is awesome because i was having a really hard time working two days and one night shift, it was definantly taking a toll on my body. so im excited.

ok here is my belly picture :)

21 weeks :)
sorry its sideways i can't figure out how to turn it.