Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cruise Pictures!

Day 1, the nigth before in miami and us watching the cruise ship leave! dont worry my mom didn't drink that beer, it was for joke purposes!

the first dinner! the food was so delicious!!
those two cute girls are maddie and sadie! they are like my second sisters! we had so much fun together!

Half Moon Cay
a beautiful private island, i could definantly stay there forever!

Dinner night number 2!

i was forced to do Karaoke but it ended up being really fun!

first formal night! more karaoke afterwards, we all got up and sang! well not my mom and aunt they were to scared to!

St. Thomas, Sapphire beach
So beautiful there were iguanas, ducks, lizards and we went snorkiling which was amazing!

Im in love with all the architecture here, all the buildings are so beautiful i can't wait to go back and take Jesse.

More Karaoke

Grand Turk
We went snorkeling with sting rays! we got to hold and feed them!

Second Formal night
these are all our waiters they were so great!

delicious food! especially the fruit and fruit soups!

Legends Night! way fun!

We met so many new people and they were all so nice!

The Everglades, we went here before the airport! it was cool, smelly but cool.
So there is most of my pictures i hope you all enjoyed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So Last week i went on my cruise, and can i just tell you that it was a blast! we went to half moon cay in the bahamas, St. Tomas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. These places were so beautiful! everywhere you went it was white sand and clear blue ocean! So this post is going to be a quick one because im not at home and i want to post pictures of the cruise so i will give you a quick insight of what we did then post pictures with more details later! There was a group of 20 people that all went on the cruise with us, most were friends of my moms, but it was all good because i got along with everyone and we all had a blast. My aunt and cousin from Texas came out with us, which was so great! i really love my cousin and we get along great so it was good to have a whole week to spend together.

Well here are some highlights of the trip!
-going to Miami and walking around the board walk ( this is the farthest east i have ever been! and it was so pretty!)
-eating all the free food you want! and it was all delicious!
-watching and singing karaoke everynight! it was a blast and met lots of fun people!
-going snorkiling with sting rays! i held one, and fed it! also saw a barcuda while i was snorkling!
-spending a awesome week with my mom!
-laying out by some of the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen!
-learning to play some new games! L,R,C and 1 to 100! very fun games
-meeting lots of interesting people on the ship, and making a few new friends.
-seeing tons of drunk people nad realizing how happy i am to be LDS.
-being flashed by a drunk girl, not really a highlight but it had a pretty funny story to go along with it.
-getting a tan and being in warm weather!
-going to Puerto Rico! it was by far my favorite spot, it is so gorgeous and i could spend a whole week there! i want to go back!
-i loved all the towel animals i got on my bed each night! they were so cute!
-many more fun things.

Sorry this is a random post, im still coming off my high of a great trip, and havent' quite come back to reality yet. but i can say i am happy to be home with my husband i missed him so much and the trip would of been 100 times greater if he was with me.
ok i will post pics later!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is my first post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first post and I really have nothing to say except I feel really gay typing this. Chelsea, Sarah, Ben and all of their correlating spouses, this post is for you. Fin.

Christmas and New Years!

Warning: long post and lots of pictures!!!

I know this is a late post, but better late than never right? well i guess i will catch everyone up on how our Christmas and New Years went. so we had a very short but sweet Christmas break, all of Jesse's family was in Maryland, so we got to spend Christmas with my family this year, which was great! we had to work on christmast eve so we drove up once we got off work, we made it there in super fast i swear our 3hour drive only took us 2hrs and we weren't even speeding! haha so yeah we got to my families house just in time to head to the movie theater to go see Avatar, we drove to the theater in payson to find out it was closed, whoops, we checked online for the times but the forgot to mention they were closed on christmas eve, so we went home and watched the christmas 1st presidency special which was really nice, then we watched the new Star Trek which jesse loves! it ended up being a nice relaxing evening. we all got new PJ's which is a christmas tradition in my family, so we were all cuddled up for our movies. well the next morning we slept in till like 9am me and jesse could of slept longer haha but my little sister is so antsy she couldnt' wait to open gifts. but before we would let her go down we had to do the traditional picture on the stairs! haha i know we are all grown up but i still love it, because its one family picture we get before the crazyness of the day takes over. so once that was done we went in to open gifts. me and jesse were the christmas elves this ear and passed out all the gifts. it was a really great day, me and jesse got my parents old stereo system with speakers adn a 5 dvd changer. which is awesome! we got an awesome picture my dad took and framed, jesse got the router he has wanted for a long time and is so excited to start wood working again. I got some ugg like boots i know they are ugly but they keep my feet so warm, and my feet are always freezing so its nice to have warm feet. i got a jacket, camera, and shirt from jesse for christmas, and jesse got two really nice jackets from me, and transformers and a few games. I got lots of clothes from my mom and dad, and some gift cards so i coudl get stuff for my cruise (which i leave for on saturday!!!) i was able to buy and new swim suit and skirt and shirt with them! i also got some sweet hot pink converse shoes, and jesse got bright blue ones that he loves. we got other stuff but i wont bore you with the details~! we had amazing quish and cinnamin rolls for breakfast, and ham for dinner. then next day we went and saw Avatar then headed up to my Aunt Traci's in Ogden to exchange gifts with them, it was really good seeing them i really miss my family and its hard living three hours away so i really love it when i get to see them. the rest of the weekend was really relaxing, roxy and snoopy played like crazy! and roxy was so tired she slept the whole way home which was really nice. well for new years we stayed home and watched teh star trek movies jesse got for chirstmas, yes my husband is a trekie but i love him for it! :) then the next day we went to dinner with our friends sarah and jacoby, we ate at chilies and had our friend Ty as a waiter, it was delicious! well thats about all we did for our holidays but it was fun.

So i finished my NCLEX review, and my Transcripts are being mailed to DOPL and i will have my Authorization to Test by the end of the week. what this means is that i can sign up to take my state boards, once i pass my boards i will be an  official nurse! im so scared to take the test thought! its a 6hour test and you could take 75 or 250 questions, you dont know if you pass for about 48hours, and it is the hardest test i will ever have to take! This is what i have been working towards for teh past 4 years! once i pass this test i will be able to relax! i have been studying hard and keep telling myself i will pass but im still scared and anxious, but im smart and i know i can do it. everyone pray for me nad wish me luck! im hoping to take the test when i get back from my cruise, so yes teh cruise will be a blast but i will definanlty be studying on my down time!

my beautiful mom and Santa Paws Roxy

me and jesse in our pj's and me and alex in ours. haha yes mine are eeyore.

our traditional stair picture, adam doesnt look happy! haha and jesse loves his waterbottle he takes it everywhere.
my new straightner and Jesse's star trek movie he is so happy!

my new shirt and hat, which i ended up trading alex for hers haha!
I love my family!

Our new cocoa latte maker we love it thanks Aunt Kelly!

The Picture my dad took and framed for us i love it!
Sexy Husband!