Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Job Interview!

So this has been a crazy stressful week! first my dog chewed up my phone, and then all day yesterday people from my class were getting calls for interviews down at Dixie, and i was freaking out because my phone wasn't working so how were they going to contact me? well lucky they emailed me and i have an interview for the Dixie Regional Medical Center Residency program Tomorrow at 11am! i am so excited but also so nervous, its a group interview because they got so many applicants, im worried i wont stand out i just don't know what to do im freaking out i really want this, but im afraid they wont like me. ahh what to do! so everyone if you will pray for me and keep me in your thoughts and send me good vibes that would be awesome!!

ps this is my last week of class crazy!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Im going to miss you little brother!

So my little brother Austin left on his mission today :( its a bitter sweet day, i know he is doing the right thing and will be a great missionary, but i know im going to miss him so much! we were always so close and got a long well, but he is going to have a great experience and i can write to him. so i guess i will live.

on a happier note, i was in Phoenix this past weekend and can i tell you how much i love Phoenix, i have never been before, and i just fell in love with the city, i cant wait to go back! so i was in phoenix for the mid year NSNA confrence, it is a confrence for nursing students. it was a good time not as great as i had expected it, but i had a lot of fun. we got to see the site of phoenix, went to the zoo, and just had a blast. i learned some good things for school and got to talk to some recruiters which helped me feel more comfortable for appying for jobs.

oh and graduation is 4 weeks away! its so scary and exciting, i feel and know i have so much to do still, but i can't wait to be done with school!