Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Car Accident and Birthday

April 10th was my birthday, and i had a really good birthday :) the week before my mom came down for a quick visit. she took me to get glitter toes and gel nails for my birthday, it was so nice to be pampered. she also bought me some clothes and took us to dinner at wingers yum. it was really nice having her here for a few days, i really love my mom and spending time with her really makes me excited to be a mom myself. Then on my actual birthday Jesse spoiled me, i got two new coats/jackets both way cute, and a skirt. he also got my wedding ring redipped and polished and it looks so good now, i absolutley love it. then we went out to dinner at wingers again, haha we like that place, they have the best dessert ever, called the cookie zookie it is to die for! i am actually craving it now! then we went and saw John Carter. which was a pretty decent movie. it was such a nice day, Thank you jesse for spoiling me rotten. I love you Jesse. 

So later that week after i had worked all my 3 shifts, i decided to pick up an extra shift on saturday to make some overtime. so saturday morning i got up and headed to work as usual. It was a rainy day so i was going slower than normal, and taking my time getting to work. I had made it to Leeds, and right as i was coming around the corner where the L is on the mountaini hit a big puddle and hydroplained, at that point i lost all control of my car and i new i was going to be in a wreck. Everything after that happened so fast, i remember spinning out and my car slamming into a cement barrier that was on the Right side of the road going southbound. I hit that going about 75mph, I must of hit it hard enough to project me back to the road, and then i spun out thru the barrier and stopped in the fast lane going north bound. during this time my airbags went off and slammed me again the seat, i lost my glasses and couldn't see what was going on, and all the smoke in the car from the airbag didn't help either. when i had stopped i was completley freaking out, i was severe shock. i couldn't stop screaming, and crying. i couldn't find my phone and i could see and didn't know what happened to my glasses.

the first real thought i had was to say a prayer, so i said a quick prayer to my heavenly father that me and josie would be ok and make it thru this. after that i opened my door so i could breathe better, the seatbelt and airbag hit me so hard i couldn't breathe then add on my asthma and i was a mess. when i opened my door i realized i was on the road still and freaked out more, i turned on my hazard lights, and tried to move my car but it wouldn't move it was completely dead. i then started screaming and crying more. im not sure how much time had gone by, but by now there were a few cars that had pulled over. A man came over to me and asked if i was ok, i was crying so hard i could barely answer the only thing i kept saying was im pregnant, im pregnant. he then gently put his hand on my shoulder and told me to calm down and take a few deep breaths. So i did, and was able to tell him i couldn't breathe adn that my chest hurt really bad, and that my hips and pelvis hurt too. he asked if i could walk, and i said yes. he then proceeded to help me out of the car and helped me over to his truck.  he called 911 and after let me use his phone to call jesse and work. it was such a long time until the ambulance got there (well it felt long) in that time an off duty cop and firefighter pulled over, and both did an assessment on me and checked me over, then the ambulance came, and when they saw the damage the freaked out and immediatley put me on a spine board and c-collar. they said that my car had hit with such force that i could have some serious injuries. that freaked me out. so in the ambulance they started to do all there assessment, and they had to cut my scrub top off (my favorite one :( ) and my garment top off ( a new one i got for my bday) so they could check out my belly and chest. at this time i started to notice that josie wasn't moving at all, usually she is pretty active, so this worried me alot!

we made it to the ER pretty quick and from there I was taken care of by a awesome staff of RN's and drs and techs. the first persons face i saw was a guy named Russell, I looked up at him and said "Hi, Russell" with a little smile. he had to take a second look at me and then looked at teh doctor and said holy cow she is one of us! Russell is one of the transport guys we work with at the hospital and brings over our new admits all the time. it was nice seeing a familiar face.  so once in the Er, they started an IV, did an xray of my pelvis and chest. then an CT scan of my chest and neck. luckily i had to breaks, and i just severily bruised my chest and ribs. then they checked on baby, and did an quick US, everything looked good on that but to be safe they wanted me to be admitted to Labor and Delivery and be observed on the fetal monitors for 24hrs. and make sure baby stayed ok and that my placent didn't abrupt. by this time jesse was there with me which helped a ton. i was so scared and anxiety ridden. this was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me, and the whole time i couldn't help but worry about Josie and if she would be ok, i was so scared i would lose her, or go into early labor. Jesse was so strong for the both of us, and really helped to calm my spirit. he is such a great support system. so now we just had to wait to be transported over to L&D, so while we waited jesse called his family to let them know what was happening, i waited to call my parents till later because they were on vacation and had just gotten there so i didn't want to worry them to much. 

Ok I will write about the rest of my hospital stay adn everything else tomorrow, im exhausted and to be honest i still have a hard time thinking about the accident, i haven't been sleeping due to nightmares and flashbacks. so im going to cut this into two post.


Tiffany said...

That accident sounds so scary and being pregnant on top of that makes it even scarier. I am so glad you and baby are okay!

Natalie Willmore said...

Amie...this post made me so sad and glad that you are ok. Being there made us feel a little helpless. We wish we could have done more, instead you continue to help us out!
The Lord is definitely looking out for you and your precious baby. Drew and I were trying to stake out where it happened on our way to St. George last week. Be safe ok? I'm glad we'll be closer so that next time you run into any trouble I can make you dinner and take care of you ;)

Mei Y Paul said...

Oh my gosh Amie what a scary moment! I'm so glad people pulled over and helped you! You're so strong! I really hope the nightmares go away and that you are all better from this. Take care!

Barbie Mauricius said...

An accident like that can be traumatic to you, especially in your condition. I read from the latter post that you had everything checked in the hospital. That’s good! Figuring in an accident while pregnant can be dangerous.

Barbie Mauricius