Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just an FYI, this post is kinda personal and it will be a bit detailed but since im using this as my journal also i want it written down. so if you want to read it go ahead but if you dont i don't care.

Ok so about a year and a half ago i went of birth control for a year, not to try and get pregnant but because it was making me crazy. but during that year i noted that my cramps were getting really bad, and that i was having a lot of pain with ovulation, so after a year of this we decided to go back on birth control to see if it helped. also i thought i had irritable bowl syndrome because anything i would eat would give me a very painful stomach ache. ok so after a year of this i went to Dr. Saunders office to get a check up and go back on birth control. so we put me back on the BC and had me do a food journal so see what is making my stomach upset, well i did that for 2 weeks and did narrow down a bunch of things to cut out of my diet and i did that and was fine for a long time. but about 4 months ago things started to get very painful again, my period were really bad and had become irregular (which ihave never been before). and i started to have a lot of pain during sex. well be not liking to go to the doctor i waited until last month to go in, and that was only because jesse was making me. but i finally went.
     my first doctors apt went ok, he did an ultrasound to make sure i wasn't pregnant or that i didn't have any cysts on my ovaries or ueturus. well that came back ok and all clear, but with all my symptoms and my age he told me that it was most likely Endometriosis.  wow that word scared me. i know what it is and that its common and can be treated but still hearing that you might have it is scary. well when we started discussing my options he basically said get pregnant, or and this is what he recommended was for him to do a laproscopic surgery to make for 100% that i do have Endometriosis and then while he is doing the surgery he can clean out any lesions. well after talking with Jesse and praying we got a very strong feeling that we needed to do the surgery. so we scheduled it, we had to wait a month, so my new insurance would kick in.
     So this last wednesday i went in a 0600 for my surgery. ps all my nurses were awesome! anywho they got me all set up and my IV hooked up, the anesthesiologist came in and talked with me and same with dr. sanders. then they shipped me off to the OR, the last thing i remember is the anesthesiologist telling me he was giving me so propaphol, and then like 2 seconds later i was out! I remember waking up after surgery and having a very hard time breathing and i kinda started to freak, but my nurse was right there and i got a treatment and was much better, i remember thru this whole thing i couldn't open my eyes yet. I was so groggy! then next thing i remember i was back in my room and i was hurting and all i wanted was jesse, the nurses were probably bugged because they would ask how my pain was and i would ask for my husband. haha. but they were great and called him right away to come sit with me. i got some nice dilaudid and morphine and that took my pain right away! well it took me quite a while to wake up fully, i guess i developed a rash during surgery so they gave me some benadryl and man one little pill of that at home knocks me out and they gave me like double that! haha.
     So fast forward to me waking up. Dr. Saunders came in and told me that i did great during surgery, and that i was a really good thing that we did surgery when we did because he found moderate endometriosis. he said that there was alot of scar tissue, and that i had lesions all over my intestines and ueturus. he then went on to say that my ovaries had be fused to my pelvis wall from old scar tissue. so he had to go in and basically rehaul my repoductive system. he also let me know that one of my fallopian tubes looks like it is blocked. :( but that i shouldn't worry that we caught it in time and that i shouldn't have trouble getting pregnant in the future. wow can i tell you that all this information was very overwhelming to me, im so glad jesse was there with me, because he was with it enought to ask all the questions. and Dr. Saunders explained everything so well. but still i was happy but sad witht he news. so happy that we did the surgery because if i let it go i would probably not be able to get pregnant later on in life, kinda mad at myself for letting go so long without getting check. and scared about the blocked tube info. im so grateful that that was the only major problem found.
     so i have three inscisions one in my belly button and two on my pelvic region. and man can i tell you i was in alot of pain for the alst week.  my stomach has been very swollen and bloated, i looked pregnant for the first three days, now i just look fat, but i promise you its still swollen. its been tough recovering because i can't sleep on lying flat on my back, or on my side, i have been sleeping on my couch for the last week because i have to to sit up to be comfortable. which sucks but oh well.  so what does this all mean now? what do i do to keep the endometriosis from coming back, well here is the answer.  i have to get depo leupron shots for 6 months, these shots stop the production of estrogen in my body stopping my periods but it also stops the productions of lesions growing. the down side is that these shots are expensive. :( but the other answer is to get pregnant. and we plan on doing that soon. we are going to do three months of shots then try and get pregnant. and Dr. Saunders thinks that is a good plan because three months gives my body adequate time to heal and recover. so come November we will be trying to get pregnant which im so excited about! i have wanted to have a baby for the last 6 months or so, and we feel like this is our answer adn our time to have a baby. the sad thing is is that once we have a baby we can't wait to long inbetween kids or i can grow more lesions and that can cause infertility so the doctor suggest not waiting more than 2 years between kids. wow im not sure if i ok with that but i will do what i have to do. and plus i have to have a kid first before i worry about that.
     ok so that has been my life for the past few months, hopefully now i won't be in as much pain. im still recovering, definantly not in as much pain as i was, but still in a feeling of uncomfortalbeness and not sleeping well, but after everything he had to repair im ok with having to take a few weeks to recover! but i have to go to bed now because i go back to work tomorrow! so wish me luck!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colorado Trip 2011

Sorry I have been a horrible blogger. life has been very crazy the last two months. I started my new job at the hospital the end of june, and can i tell you how much I love it! it is such a positive place to work and everyone has been so amazing! they are so very accepting and willing to help me learn, and it is a great work environment, it is so rewarding to watch someone grow and progress. and be able to go back to there homes. this job really makes me appreciate being a nurse!

ok so I dont know what else to update on, jesse had his birthday he is the big 26 now, we also had our 4th year anniversary, both not very exciting this year, i had to work both days, but its all good. we sure do love each other.

So this last week we went to Colorado to visit my mom and dads side of the family, we went to Denver the first few days and then to Salida for the last part to see my dads side.  while we were in Denver we had the opportunity to visit with my nana and popo, my Uncle Will and Vanessa and there amazing kids, Clay and Isabella. these two kids are the cutest kids ever!! we also got to see my aunt Raelynn and Marilyn, and my cousin shyloh. it was such a blast, we went to waterworld, the US's largest waterpark, it was awesome! we had so much fun! it was overcast so of course i forgot to reapply my sunscreen and i got completely fried!! and so did poor jesse. we also had a bunch of fun bbq's with family members. i just love my family so much and i LOVE DENVER! it is one of my most favorite places to go visit. i could live there some day.

then we headed to Salida to visit my dad's side of the family. we got to see my Grandma Green and her new husband Don, then my Aunt Carol and her kids. it was so much fun i really love this side of the family too! we had a chance to visit with them and then we also went white water rafting down the Arkansas river. it was a blast!!! the water was exceptionally high so all our rapids were 3 and 4. it was awesome i love river rafting. then after going down the river we went back to our rented cabin and had a big bbq with our family. it was so much fun, i love my little cousins they are so cute! it was so funny one of the little boys jacob, came up to me and jesse and asked if he was my dad. haha i said no he was my husband and then he asked if we had kids. i said no, and he was like why? and i just said thats a good question. he then proceeded to tell me that when a mommy gets pregnant her belly gets huge! ( he sticks his tummy out. while saying this). haha it was so cute! it was such a fun vacation, im so glad that jesse was able to come out with us and meet more of my family and see how much i love them. they are all so very loving and supporting of us and i just feel so loved by my family.

so now here are some pictures of our vacation! yay, ps jesse cut his hair into a mohawk! enjoy the pics

jesse's 26th birthday

his awesome mohawk

cute baby bella

cute cousin clay

double rainbow in Denver

my nana and popo

cute sister alex

my cousin brandon is serving his mission in Denver and we had the opportunity to take him out to dinner with his companions

clay and braelyn she is a great big sister

jesse said she was adorable! that was a first! and he actually held her adn played with her.