Tuesday, February 21, 2012

its a ..........

So today we had our official ultrasound to find out what our little one will be!! it was so very exciting :) but first im going to tell you about our weekend. we were able to go up north this past weekend to visit family, and celebrate my little sisters 19th birthday :) so we went up thursday night, and spent it eating dinner with jesse's family, we went up to tad and sarahs which was really fun. we ate yummy food played with my neices and of course played a game of settlers. then friday we went shopping with my mom to look at some baby things, and i got some new maternity clothes :) it was a long but very fun day. i feel a little more prepared for this baby, we now know what stroller and carseat we want, then that night we went over to Orem Community Hospital, (thats where my mom works) and we played with the Ultrasound machine, we wanted to see what the baby was, which we did, but i will tell you later :) it was so fun to play with the ultrasound machine and watch our little one, man they sure are a mover, and kicker and puncher. haha then saturday we went and saw a movie with my mom and dad, we say This Means War, it was really cute and funny. it was such a nice weekened. very relaxing and i really enjoyed visiting with my family. on monday we were able to get a sweet deal on a glider rocker w/ ottoman for 89$ brand new, it was normally 250$ so i think we got an awesome deal. also we are getting a changing table today for 15$ thats only a year onld and still in great condition! oh happy day! i love finding awesome deals. ok so now to the fun part!!

so today was my 20 week US and appointment, but the appointment had to be cancelled because the doctor had to go deliver a baby. but we still did the US, it was awesome baby is healthy and growing right on track. and we found out that we are having a ................GIRL :) i am so stinking excited. i would of been happy with either, but girls are so fun to dress up.  i will post my US pictures when i get a chance to scan them, but she sure is cute!