Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tulip Festival 2012

So since i had a week off of work after my accident, we decided to go up and visit Jesse's mom and Sister Sarah. It was a much needed weekend away, and I really enjoyed spending time with my neices and jesse's family. we took it really easy since i was still very sore and was on strict dr. orders to take it easy. so the first night we stayed up late visiting and catching up which was so nice i got plenty of play time in with my cute neices Paisley and Ava. Saturday we all went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point. It was so beautiful and the most perfect day, we spent a few hours walking around the gardens taking lots of pictures of the tulips and my nieces. then we went back to sarahs and all took a little nap then went to cafe rio for dinner and came back for a night of settlers! which was so fun, i definantly needed some family comfort after what happened.

ok so here are some pictures from the tulip festival. enjoy :)

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