Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

I know i suck at blogging, but here is our post on what we did for Christmas this year. :) enjoy ps there will be a baby update and pic at the end so keep reading.

So this year i was lucky enough to get 6 days off of work, and that included Christmas eve and Christmas :) yay me. so we packed up all our gear and doggies and headed to my parents house in Spanish Fork on Dec. 23rd. I had worked the night before so jesse let me get some sleep before we headed up. which was good because i wasn't feeling to hot, i had to pull over on my way home from work and vomit, (fun i know) but after some sleep i felt ready to go. so we headed up and made it in good time, but once i got to my parents i started to feel nauseaous, which has been an issue all first trimester. but i shrugged it off. that night i went shopping with my dad and jesse for stocking stuffers and last minute things and i must give my dad credit he did really good this year on my moms stocking ;) and jesse did much better this year on mine :).
     So after shopping we got home and i could tell i was dehydrated which isn't good with pregnancy and i was on antibiotics for a UTI. i knew i was being stupid and started to drink a gatoraid and lots of water and decided that the next day i would be better. so on Chirstmas Eve we headed up to Jesse's sisters house (Sarah) where we spent the day and evening with them. i wasn't feeling to good but i wasn't going to let that spoil my christmas. we were lucky enough this year to have Chelsea,Andrew and Ila come out from Maryland so it was really fun hanging out with them and playing with Ila she is so stinking cute! jesse's brother Ben, and his Wife lexi and sariah even came down. so it was the whole winward clan together. and man it has been a long time since we have all been together so we got a new family picture :) anywho it was a great night, we did a nativty with the neices, and jesse (he wasn't so happy about being in it, but was a good sport). then every year they do a cute little program where the neices (we have no nephews in the family yet. ) get dressed up as santas helpers and the men (dads nad uncle) wear reindeer ears and pull the girls around in a sleigh as they hand out cute little santa gifts. it was so cute, i got some awesome twilight magnents :) then we went up to eat yummy fondue and then ham and potatoes, then we all played just dance 3 which is the funnest game ever! i got it for christmas and im so happy its whats going to keep me fit this pregnancy.
after all that we went up and got the girls ready for bed as we exchanged some gifts. by this time i was not feeling so hot, so we headed back to my parents at like 10pm, where we put together our stockings got in our Christmas pjs (mine had cute owls on them and jesses were superheros ) then i went to bed because i ddint feel good. well at like 1230am i woke up with severe pain in my stomach and lower back, and i started to vomit. and mind you it was bad! i was so uncontrollable that i would think i was done just to run back in the bathroom, poor jesse was awake taking care of me, i was a mess crying, in pain and i didn't know what was wrong or going on. i just knew i couldn't stop vomiting and i couldn't keep anything down. so i had jesse go get my dad to give me a blessing to see if that would help, that calmed me down a little bit, but i was still in a lot of pain. by then my mom had come down (she is a nurse too) and told me that i needed to go to the ER, that i was severly dehydrated and that there was nothing i could do at home. so at 130am me and jesse headed up to Orem Community Hospital (thats where my mom works) and they got us right in. they immediatly started me on IV fluids and gave me some zofran, which didn't help. i was still retching and vomiting so bad, i felt bad for the other patients because i am not a quiet vomiter. :( i still was feeling so sick and the pain was really bad. at this point the doctor came in and jesse told him i had a UTI and that i wasn't feeling better from that yet and i had been on abx for 4 days. so he deduced that my pain was from a bad reaction to the abx, and switched those,  they continued to give me fluids, i got 2L. and then finally gave me some phenergan.
finally at around 7am Christmas morning the discharged me, we then had the fun task of looking for an open pharmacy,( thank you wal-greens) got my abx and phenergan and went home, me and jesse slept the day away until about 4pm when my mom came to check on us and ask if we wanted to come open presents. man i felt so out of it and still felt yucky but i decided it was christmas and i should at least open my gifts, so we went up to do that, my Aunt and uncle came down from ogden so they were there too, i opened my gifts kinda like a zombie, thanked everyone and went back to bed, i slept the rest of the day and didn't wake up till like 1pm the next day. What a sad christmas, but oh well, i was out of it the rest of the trip, i couldn't really eat, but i did stay hydrated, i ended up losing like 8lbs. :( i also felt bad because jesse got sick with the flu two days later and we weren't able to really go visit his sister chelsea before we had to go home. but what can you do when you are sick.
so that was the story of our uneventful chrismas. we did get very spoiled this year :) so thank you everyone we loved all our gifts.

ok so here is an update of baby winward, after christmas break it took me like two weeks to finally get feeling better, then i had a good solid week of feeling well, then i started to get migraines, really bad ones that would make me dizzy lightheaded, and blurry vision, my bp would drop and i would have to lie down. so i get these headaches about two to three times a week,and on Sudnay i started to cramp and spot a little bit, so we went to the ER just to be safe, and everything was found to be good, we got to see an US of our little one, and the LO is measuring good and looks to be healthy :).  and this past week we went in for our 15 week apt (yay second trimester!) and got another confirmation from Dr. Sanders that all is well and we are both healthy, he is having me try some allergy meds for my headaches, and if that doesn't work i get to go talk to a different doctor about them and most likely get on a beta blocker to help stop them. but i am feeling well, im getting some energy back and no more nausea!! i still dont really have an appetite. but i have learned to keep some food in my belly and i do well. so anywho there you go. we are so very excited for this baby adn i can't wait to find out if its a boy or girls :)

ok now for pics from christmas and the baby