Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Josie's Baby Showers!

So on May 12th i had my first baby shower here in Cedar, my friend Mandy threw it for me. we didn't have the best turn out but i still had fun. We played a few game, ate yummy food and then opened gifts.

Then on May 19th i drove up north for my main baby shower, my mom and MIL Julie threw this one for me, they did such a great job everything was perfect, my mom made a ton of cute tissue paper pom poms and we hung them out side with balloons, then she bought a bunch of cute owl decorations that i could use in my nursery after. My Aunt Traci made me a really cute sign for her room that we hung up that says Josie on it. then for food we had mini cupcakes, choc peanutbutter flavor and strawberry lemonaid. then we had a crepe's bar that julie and sarah threw, then some crackers and cheese. 

We sent out about 60 invites, but got 20 RSVPs so we planned on maybe 30 people showing up, we had over 40 people come! i felt very loved! it was so crazy, i really enjoyed seeing everyone, and visiting the best i could, there was so many people it was hard to visit long, because i would see someone else i hadn't seen in forever that i wanted to visit with!  we planned on playing games but there was so many people that we just skipped them and went straight for presents! THANK YOU everyone for all the gifts! Josie got spoilied!!!! i truly loved everything that i got, and i really appreciate everyone who took the time to make her something. i got a ton of adorable blankets and burp cloths. I had so much fun and it was really good to visit with my family and friends. thank you mom and julie , sarah and aunt traci for helping throw a great shower!

I was 33 weeks during this last baby shower, and starting to feel big. haha and that was like two weeks ago!

here are some pictures of my baby showers enjoy!

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