Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josie Andra Winward part 1

Josie was born July 18th 2012 at 3:24pm, I was induced at 41weeks. here is a quick recap of that day, but i will write the full birth story later. :) we went into the hospital bright and early at 3am. i was given cytotek to help me dialate, after 3min i went from a 2 to a 4. I was given some fentynl for the contractions since i wasn't to the point of getting my epidural. luckily that helped me get some sleep and at 7am i was ready for my epidural. my epidural was all done and kicked in by 8am and at 9am i was dialated to a 10 and fully effaced!  my nurse said that she was going to have this baby here by noon :) haha wishful thinking. so i hurried and called my mom to come on over since she was going to help me in labor. the nurse had me rest and decend for about an hour and a half before calling the doctor over. at noon i started to push, and push and push. it was tough at first figuring out what muscles to use since i was so numb down there. ( i was finally told by the Dr. to stop pushing my epidural pain button) my nurse suggested we use a mirror and at first i was a little creeped out by the idea but in the end in really helped me out, i could focus on what muscles and where to push. I ended up getting a episiotomy because my birth canal was a lot smaller than baby. and finally when she was crowning and ready to come she was having a hard time fitting thru my birth canal and actually got stuck. she had shoulder distocia, where her shoulder got stuck and wouldn't budge so all of a sudden i had two nurses jump on top of me and push josie out! it was crazy and kinda scary. Because of this i got a 4th degree tear (owie!!) and when she came out and the doctor held her up he was in shock at how big he was! we all were. we were not expecting that big of a baby! but he said i did amazing and that he was suprised i didn't ahve to have a c-section or forceps. Josie was the talk of the day at the hospital and dr. office. :) I was so overwhelmed with love and joy after she was born that i couldn't stop crying. she was so beautiful and finally here that i was just so happy. it is crazy how much love i already had for her, and how it keeps growing more and more every day. well after she came out it was pretty crazy around me, i remember holding her on my chest and just crying and starting at her. she was so beautiful and had so much hair! Since i tore so bad my Doctor took his time stitching me up, it took about 45min, but he did a great job and im healing just great. i remember after she was born and they were cleaning her up all i could think about (besides her of course) was food i was so hungry! all i wanted was french fries and a milk shake. and that is exactly what i got!! I will write more later but i just want to express how grateful i am to all the wonderful nurses i had that helped me thru this crazy amazing day! i had the best nurse ever her name was Phyllis and i don't think i would of done so great without her. also my mom and jesse were the best coaches ever! they each helped hold my legs since they were so numb i couldn't move them. Jesse did a great job and i am so proud of him, he is a great daddy.
so excited to meet our little girl :)

mom and baby
so overwhelmed with Joy, I love my baby girl

10lb 11oz, 22in long

daddy and his baby girl

our cute family

Uncle Austin

Aunt Alex

She is so cute! and Loves her headbands ;)