Sunday, September 2, 2012

Josie's Newborn Pictures

These were taken at 3 weeks :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josie Andra Winward part 1

Josie was born July 18th 2012 at 3:24pm, I was induced at 41weeks. here is a quick recap of that day, but i will write the full birth story later. :) we went into the hospital bright and early at 3am. i was given cytotek to help me dialate, after 3min i went from a 2 to a 4. I was given some fentynl for the contractions since i wasn't to the point of getting my epidural. luckily that helped me get some sleep and at 7am i was ready for my epidural. my epidural was all done and kicked in by 8am and at 9am i was dialated to a 10 and fully effaced!  my nurse said that she was going to have this baby here by noon :) haha wishful thinking. so i hurried and called my mom to come on over since she was going to help me in labor. the nurse had me rest and decend for about an hour and a half before calling the doctor over. at noon i started to push, and push and push. it was tough at first figuring out what muscles to use since i was so numb down there. ( i was finally told by the Dr. to stop pushing my epidural pain button) my nurse suggested we use a mirror and at first i was a little creeped out by the idea but in the end in really helped me out, i could focus on what muscles and where to push. I ended up getting a episiotomy because my birth canal was a lot smaller than baby. and finally when she was crowning and ready to come she was having a hard time fitting thru my birth canal and actually got stuck. she had shoulder distocia, where her shoulder got stuck and wouldn't budge so all of a sudden i had two nurses jump on top of me and push josie out! it was crazy and kinda scary. Because of this i got a 4th degree tear (owie!!) and when she came out and the doctor held her up he was in shock at how big he was! we all were. we were not expecting that big of a baby! but he said i did amazing and that he was suprised i didn't ahve to have a c-section or forceps. Josie was the talk of the day at the hospital and dr. office. :) I was so overwhelmed with love and joy after she was born that i couldn't stop crying. she was so beautiful and finally here that i was just so happy. it is crazy how much love i already had for her, and how it keeps growing more and more every day. well after she came out it was pretty crazy around me, i remember holding her on my chest and just crying and starting at her. she was so beautiful and had so much hair! Since i tore so bad my Doctor took his time stitching me up, it took about 45min, but he did a great job and im healing just great. i remember after she was born and they were cleaning her up all i could think about (besides her of course) was food i was so hungry! all i wanted was french fries and a milk shake. and that is exactly what i got!! I will write more later but i just want to express how grateful i am to all the wonderful nurses i had that helped me thru this crazy amazing day! i had the best nurse ever her name was Phyllis and i don't think i would of done so great without her. also my mom and jesse were the best coaches ever! they each helped hold my legs since they were so numb i couldn't move them. Jesse did a great job and i am so proud of him, he is a great daddy.
so excited to meet our little girl :)

mom and baby
so overwhelmed with Joy, I love my baby girl

10lb 11oz, 22in long

daddy and his baby girl

our cute family

Uncle Austin

Aunt Alex

She is so cute! and Loves her headbands ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maternity Pictures


Letter to my Little Girl

Dear Josie,
this is your mommy, i just wanted to write you a letter telling you some of the experiences i have had with you while you were in the womb. and to let you know how much i love you and how excited i am to be your mom.  Last June is when your dad and I made the decision to start a family, it was something we had been thinking about for a while and earlier that year found out that i have Endometriosis and that i needed surgery, and that this disease can make it hard to get pregnant. in June I had surgery, and found out that it was a lot more severe than we originally thought. I was told that one of my ovaries was most likely blocked, and that could mean it takes longer to get pregnant. Your dad and I were very worried that it would take long to get pregnant, or that i would have problems. well we found out in October that we were pregnant! we were so excited, especially because it happen faster than we thought :) we told our families in November and they were all so excited!! we found out that you were due July 11th 2011, (which is today!) we were so excited, and it felt like July would never come, but can i tell you Josie those 9 months have flown by!
     The first trimester was really rough, i was nauseous everyday all day, i basically lived off of zofran and apple sauce. I was tired all the time, and just wanted to take a nap everyday! I even got to spend Christmas morning in the Emergency Room getting an IV because i was so dehydrated and couldn't stop vomitting. (oh the joys of pregnancy.) your daddy was so worried about us and took great care of us!
     Once I hit my second trimester, things got a lot easier, i wasn't nauseous anymore, still tired but i could handle that. i still wasn't showing very much, but i did have a tiny baby bump. which was so exciting i couldn't wait until i started to show.  we found out that we were having a little girl when i hit 20 weeks :) i was so excited!! you dad had a dream about a week before we found out that you were a girl, and he was right.  some things that i did experience during this trimester, was migraines! they were really bad, i had never had a migraine before and i don't wish to have them again! i was put on some medicine for them and then i went to the chiropractor and that really helped, and after about a month they went away.
     The Third trimester was pretty eventful, I was driving down to work one day and it was really wet, rainy and snowy. I was almost to work when i hydroplaned and got in a pretty bad car accident. the only thing i was thinking about during adn after the accident was you Josie. I didn't care what happened to me, as long as you were safe. i was so nervous, i felt helpless. but everything ended up being ok, you are one tough little girl, you were 100% healthy and had no signs of injury. we were definantly being watched over that day.
     that happened in April, and for about a month and a half, i was really sore, i had bruised my pelvis and chest/ribs really bad. but other than that i felt good, i was finally starting to show, i had a cute baby bump. and i was finally starting to feel you move! it is such a crazy feeling but i love it every time, even when you kick me in the ribs :) let me just say Josie you have been one active little girl, you are constantly moving, turning, kicking, punching, hiccuping. my belly looks like i have an alien in it from all the movements you do. but the funny part is that once someone other than me tries to feel or touch my belly you stop completely. Jesse was so sad at first because he couldn't ever feel you move, but you finally decided to let him in on the kicking. :)
     in May we had some cute maternity pictures taken, i finally had a baby belly by now, to the point where my scrub tops barely fit :) by now we were getting really excited for you to be here. we had my parents come down and help us pain the nursery and get things ready. it was such a nice help.  I feel that i have had a really easy pregnancy with you, besides the car accident. i have enjoyed being pregnant and I can't wait to meet you, i am so excited to be a mom, especially your mom! i can already tell that you are going to be full of spunk, and stubborn. I only say stubborn because when every we have an ultrasound you don't like to show your cute little face! Also recently i have been having lots of contractions, and even early labor, making us think you were going to come early, but you being like your mom, are stubborn and will come when you are ready! which i hope is soon, because Josie i am starting to look like a blimp! my legs are so swollen they look like elephant legs, and they hurt. but that is a small price to pay for my cute little girl.
     So here is a list of things that i have craved while i was pregnant with you Josie
-pancakes( i ate these straight for like two weeks)
-Wendys (for the 1st trimester)
-Tacobell (your dad craved this more than i did)
- fruit, especially watermelon
-mac and cheese
-vanilla coke
-Ice Cream
-Panda Express
there are probably more, but i can't think of them right now.

Josie I just want you to know that I love you, and I am so excited to be your mom, and to take on this new life adventure with you. i know there will be hard times, but i know the good times will make everything worth it. I love you and i can't wait to meet you and see your beautiful face. 

Love, your mom.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Josie's Baby Showers!

So on May 12th i had my first baby shower here in Cedar, my friend Mandy threw it for me. we didn't have the best turn out but i still had fun. We played a few game, ate yummy food and then opened gifts.

Then on May 19th i drove up north for my main baby shower, my mom and MIL Julie threw this one for me, they did such a great job everything was perfect, my mom made a ton of cute tissue paper pom poms and we hung them out side with balloons, then she bought a bunch of cute owl decorations that i could use in my nursery after. My Aunt Traci made me a really cute sign for her room that we hung up that says Josie on it. then for food we had mini cupcakes, choc peanutbutter flavor and strawberry lemonaid. then we had a crepe's bar that julie and sarah threw, then some crackers and cheese. 

We sent out about 60 invites, but got 20 RSVPs so we planned on maybe 30 people showing up, we had over 40 people come! i felt very loved! it was so crazy, i really enjoyed seeing everyone, and visiting the best i could, there was so many people it was hard to visit long, because i would see someone else i hadn't seen in forever that i wanted to visit with!  we planned on playing games but there was so many people that we just skipped them and went straight for presents! THANK YOU everyone for all the gifts! Josie got spoilied!!!! i truly loved everything that i got, and i really appreciate everyone who took the time to make her something. i got a ton of adorable blankets and burp cloths. I had so much fun and it was really good to visit with my family and friends. thank you mom and julie , sarah and aunt traci for helping throw a great shower!

I was 33 weeks during this last baby shower, and starting to feel big. haha and that was like two weeks ago!

here are some pictures of my baby showers enjoy!