Thursday, December 3, 2009

Graduation Countdown!

So i graduate next friday!!!! yay that is 7 days! in a week from today i will be a college graduate! im so flippin excited! but with that excitement comes overwhelming stress! i have 3 finals next week to worry about and there is one final that if i dont pass i dont graduate, and that is really freaking me out, im also stressing about finding a job, i didn't get into the residency program down here, which is waht i was hoping for, so now i have to start looking at other hospitals up north, we are even considering Idaho, but i really want to stay close to my family, but we will move where the money takes us. so anywho i will be college graduate in a week! and hopefully by the end of January i will have passed my bored and then i will be a real nurse!! yay

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Aaron and Julie said...

yay!!! I would totally come have a party with you and jump up and down.