Thursday, December 31, 2009

All About Jesse

So my husband was feeling bad because every blog we look at is all about there husbands and he says that he feels left out. so this is a blog just for you Jesse!!!

these are the top 10 things Jesse loves
10. watching Sci Fi and Superhero movies.
9. Going off roading in his jeep, well pretending to go off roading, since there is no good place in cedar
8. Going to ZHE and shooting zombies! he loves to play games on his Xbox
7. Playing Settlers with Tad and Sarah, even if he never wins
6. going shooting, which he is super excited about since he is getting a shot gun soon!
5.Playing with Roxy, even getting bitten by her. he loves that dog!
4.Eating candy, gandolfos sandwiches, and mountain dew. i swear these are what he lives on.
3. Being with his family, its been hard being away from them these past 2 years, but we have so much fun with them when we get to see them.
2. doing anything that involves me and him together. we love our date nights, or even just watching a movie on the couch.
1. last but not least I am jesse's most favorite thing!!!
 ME Jesse loves me so much and i love him just as much back!!

Ok so jesse you better be happy now this post was all about you!
oh and ps. me and jesse have been together 4 years i can't believe its been that long.

and Christmas pics and post will be up soon.

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Hadley Family said...

It's good to learn a little bit about Jesse. When are you guys going to come down where it's not freezing and play Settlers with us?