Thursday, December 17, 2009

2010 here we come!

I can't believe christmas is a week away! this year has gone by so fast! i dont know if im ready for it to be over! here are some things that we have accomplished this past year.
1. I started my last year of nursing school
2. Jesse got a new job as manager of Gandolfos (Thanks Tad!)
3. we moved into a house (thanks mom and dad, best landlords ever!)
4. we got a cute but very naughty puppy, Roxy we love you!
5. I turned 22! and had a great night with my friends playing bingo!
6. I made the deans list for spring semester!
7. We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary, we stayed at an awesome bed and breakfast, went to the zoo and i dropped my phone in the toilet :(
I love you so much Jesse
8. Jesse Turned 24, and learned that he loves to go shooting!
9. I started my last semester of nursing school
10. had some amazing clinicals this semester and learned lots from my preceptor
11. learned that CPR is a lot harder than it looks, and kills your wrist but is worth it when you save someone!
12. had an awesome Halloween in Arizona, I love my nursing class, im really going to miss you all!
13. Learned that Marriage takes work, but when things go right its all worth it.
14. had a great thanksgiving with jesse's family! im so lucky that i got great inlaws and sister in laws! I love you Sarah and Chelsea!
15. I have a new baby niece that im so excited to meet one day! Ila you are adorable!
16. I failed a final, but learned a valuable lesson,  the lord works does answer prayers but they may not be the way you wanted it.
17. I graduated from the Nursing program!!!!!! I have my BSN!!! nursing world watch out here i come!
18. I am studying like a mad man to take my NCLEX, but am so glad that i have this opportuninty to take a reveiw course and help me learn and progress i know that i will pass the first time!
19. I am so greatful for Jesse and helping me through this year, it has truly been a hard and crazy year, but i couldn't of made it through it with out him! love you babe!
20. Im so excited for Christmas!

wow i can't believe this year has gone by so fast, so many things have changed, I graduated college i never thought that this would happen so fast, i dont know feel ready to be a grown up! haha but im so excited for the adventures to come! I can't wait to call my self a Nurse, adn to have a job! It's been 4 years this Christmas since me and jesse started dating, i can't believe its been 4 years, 2 and half being married, our journey has just begun, but im so excited for what's next! Jesse has been working so hard this last year, and i know he doesn't feel like it has paid off, but i can see a huge change in him, he has learned so much adn become an amazing man! He gets to start school this next year and i know how excited he is to start working on his career, he is going to be an amazing buisness man, and im so greatful for him putting me throught school and now i get the chance to help him reach his dreams!

sorry this was a long post and a little random but i can't believe this year is almost over!


Hadley Family said...

Yeah Am!!! I'm so proud of you! Good luck with your NCLEX! I have faith you will pass it the first time. Hope to see you soon!

Hadley Family said...

P.S. If you wanted to look for a job in Phoenix, I have a connection.......just sayin' it's a thought :)

Sarah said...

I am so proud of you on your graduation--it sounded like an amazing day--I would have loved to have been there. Always remember what an amazing accomplishment it is to finally graduate. We love you and Jesse so much and I am a very proud sister of the both of you.

Tedi said...

Congrats Amie! That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

The Dayleys said...

I love this post! It's definitely wonderful looking back on the past year and remembering everything you accomplished!! Congrats on graduating!! Way to go!!!

We rent the mother in law apartment from my parents. We are lucky!! We're in mapleton which is nice but we are not in love with our commute to Orem each day lol. I live my puppy! Hopefully we can buy later this year, renting with a dog is challenging!