Saturday, July 19, 2008


So i just have to rave about how awesome the new Batman is, me and Jesse went and saw it last night, and i do have to say it is probably now one of my favs! and the best batman movie there is out there. Heath Ledger plays the best joker ever! i couldn't get over how amazing he was, and how into his character he got, it didn't even sound or look like heath ledger. But yes it was an awesome movie, except as we were sitting down in our seats the lady in front of me sat down really hard and smashed my toe in between the seat and ledge. i felt stupid because i cried out in pain and immediately started crying it hurt so bad, and she wouldn't move i asked her and she ignored me so i finally pushed on the back of her seat real hard and got my foot out, and she had the gall to give me a dirty look. lame. so yeah my toe is bruised pretty bad. ugh.

So to update you on our lives, we are still working at Gandolfo's which isn't too bad, the food benefits rock, but i bet i have gained some weight because of it! whoops. We are still living with Jesse's mom, but she is up in Island park with here sister for the rest of the summer, so its been nice having the condo all to ourselves. Jesse is currently applying for jobs down in cedar so that we can head back soon. he has applied to two good ones, and should hear back soon about one of them. so keep us in your prayers that he gets it. Im waiting to find a job until we get to cedar becuase im not sure how much i can work once school starts. i hear its going to be a killer semester. but i am ready to get back to school, i have bought all my books, and started on the homework we have had for over the summer. oh yeah i don't know if i have stated before, but me and jesse are Sunbeam teachers in primary. man it can be tough, we have some pretty crazy 3 year olds. i really love it , but jesse not so much, but as the weeks have gone on i think our sunbeams have grown to love us. i really enjoy their sweet spirits and how smart they really are, they sure say some crazy stuff, but they are a lot of fun.
Other than working and teaching primary we really havent done much, we both really want to go camping sometime, its just a matter of getting work off, but right now i guess we feel its more important to earn money than to play, but i hope we will get one camping trip in before summer is over.

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Ty and Whitty said...

I found you!!! I didnt know you had a blogspot! yay blog friends. We miss you guys get back quick