Saturday, June 21, 2008


So since almost everyone i know has a blog spot, i decided that me and Jesse should have one too. but just to warn you all i'm not really big into this kind of stuff, and i know Jesse could care less, so if i dont post things very often thats why. So i guess i will quickly fill you in on the things we have done so far this summer. we celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 1st, and this day was spent driving to California with my little brother and sister. we were on our way to San Diego for our family vacation and counting that as our anniversary. we went to the beach, the Zoo (which was my favorite day), California Adventure park, Knotts Berry Farm(jesse's fav), and then just spent a few days at our condo, which had an awesome pool. it was a really fun vacation and was realy needed, because jesse had just returned from his uncles funeral. so after a week of california we had to come home and go back to work. me and jesse are both working at Gandolfos Deli, and i have to say it is really fun getting to work with jesse. we stay pretty busy with that job, because we have to get up at 6am each morning to go to work, by the end of our shift we our exhausted and jsut want to sleep. so when we are not sleeping we are either swimming in our pool, or playing settlers with Sarah and Tad. we are getting really excited because my dad has gotten my families boat ready to be taken out. we love to go boating and since it has been so hot lately it will be a nice thing to do to cool off.
So next week is Jesse's 23rd birthday and we are going to go up to his cabin in Island Park to take a nice relaxing weekend. Jesse really wants and xbox 360 for his birthday but they are so expensive that im not sure if we will be able to get him one, but i have been saving up so we will see. well that is about all i have to say right now so goodbye. oh and those are some pictures from our summer so far.



Jensen's said...

haha ok I know you'll love this. Its a fun way to see what fun adventures you have been on!! Looks like you have been doin some fun stuff.

Jimmy and Chelo said...

Hey Amie! How's your summer goin? I'm SO glad your a blogger now haha! It'll be FUN to see what you up to (outside of school!) : )
I hope everything is going great for you guys! I guess we'll be seeing you next month for school!