Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas to US!

First let me say i know im a bad blogger, i lost my power cord for my camera so i havent been taking many pictures and i like to blog and post pictures, also our other camera i took pictures on i can't remember how to download the pictures. ugh oh well so with that pathetic excuse for not blogging out of the way lets get to the good stuff.

We have some very exciting news to announce! we are going to be parents! you heard that right :) I am pregnant! yay we are so very very excited about this (and a little scared). I will be 9 weeks this wednesday. i bet you all want to hear our story of how we found out. so here you go.

back in October, all month i had kinda been feeling yucky, but didn't think anything of it until the end of the month, i was looking on my phone at my period tracker(lame i know) and noticed that it said my cycle this month was going to be like 40 days, which is way off, so i got me thinking as to when i was really due for a period. i am normally very regular so looking back i realized i was due to start that next week. so on the 27th of October we had a going away party for one of the nurses i work with that was retiring, so i drove down to st. george that day and at the party i noticed that after i ate i got really nauseous, and then i thougth man i have to pee all the time, and i thought maybe i am pregnant? we had been trying so it was possible. so as i was driving home, i felt so sick i almost threw up while driving, i know gross, but luckily i made it home without any accidents, once i got home i went and got a pregnancy test and took it, little did jesse know taht this is what i was doing. so when he got home from work i showed him the test, there were two lines, one of course was very very light but i had never had this type of result before so in my heart i thought yes! i am pregnant. Jesse was very skeptical and said that we should wait a week and test again, since my period was due. man that was a long week i was so scared i was going to start my period. but come Nov. 1st i tested again, but before that, on Halloween we had a party and i was putting my costume on and man did i feel fat! i was so stinking bloated and my urge to pee had intensified same with the nausea. so that next morning i tested again, and right away i got two bright pink lines :) i texted teh picture to jesse and said im pregnant!

Even after those two pregnancy test i still wasn't very confident that i was pregnant because according to when my last period was i would only be like 4 weeks pregnant and that is very early to be getting a postitive pregnancy test. So i called my Dr. and talked with him, and let him know that in sept i didn't have a period and my period in Oct was very light and short. So he suggested that we come in for a viability scan, and some blood test. so that week we headed in, and he did an Ultra sound, and he saw a very small gestational sac, he said that yes i was pregnant but it was still to early to tell if it was going to progress, so he wanted me to get my blood drawn then come back in 48hrs and get it drawn again and see what my levels were at. so i did, my first labs were not where they should of been, only 5000 andyou want them above 8000. so i was sad and very nervous that this baby wasn't going to grow, but when i went back in to have it checked again they had tripled! so the doctor said come back in a week and we will do another US.

So one week later we go back and see that there is definantly a baby there, we could see the little heart beat going crazy. he said i was 5 weeks adn 5 days along. so my due date is July 11th, 2012. me and jesse are so very excited adn happy to have this child :)

Ok now for the stories on how we told our families, I can't keep a secret and almost spilled the beans many a time over the phone, but i wanted to tell my family when i went up and we were picking up my little brother from his mission, and i felt it fitting to tell them then because this baby is due on Austins bday :) so we were at the airport, Austin had made it out to us, we did the whole hugs, tears, congrats, and when things started to die down and we were about to go, i stopped my family and said i had an annnouncment to make, my dad immediatly blurted out "your pregnant!" i just ignored him and turned to my brother austing and told him that he is going to have a suprise on his birthday this year, that he was going to be an UNLCE! then i burst into tears, everyone was crying and happy, my mom and dad especially.  it was a great day.

now onto jesse's family, we waited to tell them until we were headed up for thanksgiving. we got a card for jesse's mom that sang a song and made a copy of our ultra sound picture (which just looks like a blob) and put it inside. the card said something like congrats, so exciting, way to go, ect. jesse picked it out. so when we got up there that night, it was way late but she was still awake so we went into her room and started to talk a bit then jesse said he had a card for her, she thought it was for turkey day, so as she was reading it she kinda had a confused look on her face, but once she opened it up and saw the picture she was speechless, she just looked at us then asked is this real? we immediatly said yes and she jumped up to give us hugs and kisses. she was so very excited, she said she had been so worried since my surgery that we would have a hard time getting pregnant, and that this is a huge blessing :)  it was a very great night. then the next day we told jesse's sister and her husband the same way with the card, adn they were also very excited for us.

wow long post sorry. but there you go, hopefully i will keep this blog updated with all the baby info, we go in for our first prenatal visit next monday. i think then things will start to feel real, right now it is all surreal, except the nausea and tiredness. i dont get morning sickness i get all day sickness it really sucks and kicks my butt.


Natalie Willmore said...

Congratulations Amie! I am so happy for you both.
You're going to be great parents. I am glad that everything came together for you.
Can't wait to meet this baby. We probably will with how many times we come to Cedar. We better hurry and get accepted to because the guest bedroom will soon be a nursery! :)

The Thomas Family said...

Congrats!!! Being a parent is such a wonderful blessing! You'll love it! I didn't get morning sickness either...I had all day sickness. Hopefully it wont last too long!

Mrs. Sheppard said...

Congratulations you guys! :)

Dani said...

Congrats -- so exciting!