Monday, November 8, 2010

busy busy busy

I know i am like the worst blogger ever! I guess you could say i have been really busy lately, which is partly true, but also i just really haven't gotten on the computer in a long time. so here is a quick update,  in September we were able to go up north to one of my best friends wedding, Briana Harlan, and it was a wonderful experience she looked so beautiful and i was so glad that i was able to make it to her reception! also that weekend i went and saw The Lion King at Capital Theater with my mom dad and sister, it was amazing!! i would love to see it on Broadway!
Lets see then 2 weeks ago i went to Manitou Springs with my mom aunts and cousin, we went for a girls weekend, and it was really nice, i needed a break from work and all the stress it gives me. but it was a nice little resort town, we saw some cliff dewlings did a lot of shopping and yummy eating! :) it was fun i did miss Jesse lots though because i was gone for 5 days, then had to come back and work 4 days in a row so it was like i didn't see him for a whole week!

OK so here is some kinda big news, that makes me happy, i switched to days!! i am no longer a night shift nurse!! yay i have only worked 2 days shifts so far and both were one where i was orienting and the next i oriented a new girl. haha so way easy, im really nervous for my first day by myself. it is crazy working days but i already like it so much more, i feel like im getting back into being a real person!! and the day goes by really fast so that is a nice plus too. on a sad note, they had to make some cutbacks at work, so they are cutting a day shift and night shift nurse, so we will all be losing hours, not fun at all, but at least i still have a job, gotta look on the bright side. it really is going to suck losing hours, because Jesse is starting school in January so we need to save everything we have for tuition, because stupid FAFSA said we make to much, so lame, i hate how FAFSA works, i feel like we are always going to be in debt and never get out of it! ugh oh well, so that is what we have been up to nothing to exiting. 


Amy said...

Ditto to the stupid FAFSA comment :), glad your work schedule is switching and glad you are updating your blog again, always fun to see what you are up to!

Ty and Whitty said...

Yay I love the update! We miss you guys