Monday, August 2, 2010

about time for an update!

woo hoo for road trips!

ok ok i know my last post was in May! i am a complete slacker and should of posted stuff a long time ago, i just never really got around to it! :) so since i woke up at 4:30 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep (thank you night shifts) i will update you all on what has been going on this summer.

graduation :)
      first off I graduated! yay my graduation was may 1st, it was awesome lots of family came down to support me and it made me feel really good, and proud of my accomplishments. Julie, Sarah, Chelsea and baby Ila came down as well as my family and aunt Traci, Dave and Jeni. Nana and Popo had plans to come down but because of health problems didnt make it, i was bummed but im so glad they are doing better and plan to see them in August some time! but can i tell you how excited i was to see baby Ila? man it was only for a day but i already love that baby so much! Chelsea you need to come out again, or wait me and Jesse need to come visit! that would be even better! :) she is the cutest happiest baby i have ever seen! :) way to go chelsea!  so yeah graduation went well i will post some pics at the bottom.

    Well 3 days after graduation I started my New Job! i am a RN at Kolob care and rehabilitation in St. George Utah! it was  a huge blessing that i found a job in southern utah! i had been looking forever, and my hopes were not very high, that when i got a call from Kolob i immediately took the job! yes its a nursing home and i told myself i would never work at one, but i enjoy it. it has been really hard, stressful and frustrating working there, but i feel like i am learning lots. after my 6shifts of orienting i was thrown into being a charge nurse, i work in the front with the more needy, critical patients. most are knee/hip replacements, but i also get all the people on feeding tubes, and IV's. it keeps me busy let me tell you! it has been tough because i have had to learn a lot of stuff by just being thrown into it. i wasn't ever trained on being the charge nurse so i am still learning all the responsibilities that come with it. I have had many a night where i feel like i am completely inadequate and dont know what the heck i should be doing, and i swear every night i work my patients turn into crazy people! but i have really grown alot, and do love almost all the residents i take care of. let me tell you there have been a few that have pushed me to my breaking point! but yeah its been good, I work the night shift so from 6pm to 6am, hence the reason i am wide awake right now! my body is still trying to adjust to the change.

     ok so what else have we done this summer? really not much, we were able to make it up to Island park, ID the last week of June for Jesse's birthday! it was a much needed break! adn so much fun, it was a really short trip but we both needed it and had a blast. were were able to see tad and sarah on our way up, and spent a few days with Julie at the cabin, even getting so spend a day with Jesse's Aunt Marilyn. it was really nice we just hung out most of the time, we took roxy and she loved it! haha Julie might still be recovering from her, she is still a very vibrant puppy! i will post some picture of our trip! while we were out for a walk we saw a mama moose and her baby! it was awesome and they were so close that it was a little scary. but cool still.

    well we really didn't go anything fun for the 4th or 24th of July because i worked both those weekends. complete bummer because i didn't get paid time in a half because i was still technically on probation. LAME! oh well what can you do? lets see, we have just been working like crazy, i work 3night shifts a week, and jesse has been working like a mad man, we never seem to get a day off together, but hopefully this month will be different. man i can't believe its august! well this month we are going to go out to Salida, CO to my cousin Karen's wedding which is very exciting because Jesse hasn't met that side of my family yet and i can't wait for him to! i know they will love him and they will get along great! ok so thats about it for us i will post some pics from graduation and summer! and i promise to be better about updating! :)
Traci, Dave and Jeni
family photo at cabin!
Jesse's family, well the girls at least :)

I love this man!
the moose and baby
mi familia
this is how roxy likes to travel! haha head out of the car window!
happy b-day love! 


Chelsea Pratt said...

I am so happy you updated!!! It looks like you guys are having a great summer- even if it is a little busy. Ila misses her auntie Amie and Uncle Jesse and wants you to know you are always welcome to visit!!

Kayla and Austen said...

Congratulations on graduating thats awesome! Looks like everything is going well :)

Amy said...

Yeay for graduation!! And yeay for Island Park! Love the photos and glad you are updating!!

Hadley Family said...

I'm so glad you are doing so well and that we get to see you so often. See you next week.