Thursday, April 22, 2010

One hell of a day!

Ok so yesterday I got a call from DOPL (department of professional licensure- the people i get my RN license from) saying that i need to come in and answer some questions about my application, that is all they told me so i was a little nervous but figured maybe i needed to sign something or whatnot, i wasn't perpared for what they really wanted.

ok so i drive down to St. George this morning, getting more and more nervous as i drive, i get there and im taken into a small office and asked to sit behind a table. its just me and the lady and she doesn't have a happy look on her face, she shuts the door and turns to me

dopl lady: "we have some serious concerns about you test you just took."

me: "ok what about?"

dopl lady:  (opens up a manilla folder and pushes it towards me) " who are these two people?
inside were my two pictures from taking my nclex test, one from vegas and one from draper.

me " thats me, those are from when i took my nclex"

dopl "are you sure you? you dont have a twin siblings that took the test for you instead?"

Me: " no, i dont have a twin, i have an older bro, younger bro on mission, and a sister that is 17"

dopl " does she look like you? did she take the test for you?"

Me: "no we dont look anything alike"

she goes on to ask me questions about my family, if i was married, where i went to school what i studied and what test i was taking, if you are going to accuse me of cheating you better know what the hell you are talking about and do your homework on the person! she should of known it was for the nclex, idiot!!

ok so this continues and she pulls out my drivers license picture( 2 years old by teh way), and school id from my freshman year so 2005, and points out that my signature on my license is different from the one from my test.

me: "well thats because i had just gotten married and was still trying to figure out how to sign it. and that school ID was from my freshman year before i was married. like 4 years ago!"

dopl: " could you please sign your name 7 time on this paper for me"
so gay so i did that and the whole time she is writting everything i say down.

dopl: " why did you take your test at 2 different testing centers? if it was you. "
ugh the nerve!

so then i had to go and explain i took the first in vegas because the was the soonest date and i wanted it to be done with, and that i wasnt planning on failing the first time, i had to tell her if i went by myself or with someone, good thing my mom came with me, (they are calling her to verify i bet!) then i had to tell them that it was my birthday teh weekend i took the 2nd test nad it was easier and cheaper for us to go up north so i could see my family and stay with them since we don't have the money for a hotel.

dopl " well you can see our concern since you failed one and passed the other, and you do look different in these photos"

me " not really, i think i look the same i can take my glasses off if needed"

dopl " take you hair down and glasses off please, "

i do all this and she jsut stares at me then finally says that she can kinda see a resemblance! ugh!!!!!

then we talk about some more stuff, and she says that i dont have my license and wont until she has teh FBI verify my fingerprints. luckily she said that will be next week sometime, but if it takes any longer i will be pissed and take some action because this is bullshit! so much for being innocent until proven guilty, way to accuse me right of the bat, and without doing any research on the subject!

sorry this was a much needed vent session today, i hope it made sense if not then im sorry, just know that it sucked and i felt like i was in jail being accused of murder!

i know that nursing is a huge deal and that you have to be supercareful about who gets a license, but i passed my test, i DIDN"T cheat and would never cheat, im just hurt i guess that i was accused of such a thing and that they treated me like scum, im just so tired of hitting all these roadblocks, i really feel that its my time to have something right happen to me for a change! im just hoping some thing good will come out of this.

on a happier note i have an interview for the residency program in st george next week! pray and cross your fingers i get it!!!!


Ty and Whitty said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am so sorry you have to go through this. what idiots!

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I can't believe that! Definitely a story to share!

Natalie Willmore said...

Oh wow...that is the craziest story I have ever heard! I read this at work and had my friend who is a Respiratory Therapist who just became a nurse read it. She was freaking out too! She said I would tell them to take my fingerprints and figure it out TODAY!
By the way I told my HR Manager that you applied and he said he didn't recognize your name. He said he has received SO MANY applications for RN's. Sorry. But don't lose hope.

Aaron and Julie said...

I'm sorry amie that is pretty miserable!! But I've never known anyone that has been seriously interrogated like that!! Good for you for kind of holding it together!!

Tedi said...

Really!? Did they not have other people verifying too? I'm sorry they treated you like crap! I'm glad you passed though!