Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 days, and a happy suprise!

2 days till my birthday! this Saturday i will be turning 23! me and Jesse are lucky enough to be able to go up north this weekend, sadly not only for my birthday but also so i cant take my NCLEX (4 days). but im still excited all the same! we don't have anything super big planned, i just know that i need to go to the temple before i take my test. i have a really strong feeling that if i do that i will pass my test! so im going to follow the lords prompting! :) plus it will be a good experience anyway. Ok well i have to get back to studying, even though its so nice out and i want to go play outside!

p.s. I got a letter from my brother Austin today, he is serving a mission in South Carolina. I was so happy to read his letter and after reading it i truly feel that it was meant for me to receive this letter today. my brother had made a few comments that i really needed to hear, and just strengthened my testimony that the lord truly knows us and knows what we are capable of, he loves us and has a plan for us all, and if we stay true to his words and commandments we will be blessed. Thank you Austin i love you so much and im so proud of the man you are becoming. I truly feel that the lord is going to bless me with passing this test, and that he has paved the way for me.


Anonymous said...

Happy b'day, my husband's b'day is also on

Tedi said...

What part of SC is Austin in!? Have a fun birthday, and enjoy the temple and taking the exam. :)