Monday, March 8, 2010

job interview

So I got a call this morning, from Kolob Rehabilitation Center in St. George for a Interview! i was so excited i got ready adn headed down there, started the interview adn they lady was ready to hire me until she found out i had already taken the NCLEX and what that means is that i can't get a temporary license because once you test they wont let you get it until you pass it. so she had to say no. it was a sad day! but she said that if i call her in april after i pass my test and she has an opening she will give me the job! so at least i got my foot in the door somewhere. it jsut sucks, i wish i would of known about that rule, but oh well. at least i got practice interviewing!


Natalie Willmore said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Amie! But way to look at the bright side. That says everything else aside she was willing to hire you on because you were confident, qualified and good looking ;) Just study hard and say your prayers. We'll pray for you too!

Hadley Family said...

That stinks! I didn't know about that rule either. I wish I had been around to go to lunch and cheer you up! Sorry I had to cancel for tomorrow.

Aaron and Julie said...

that is where my brother in law works as an lpn. once when he went to work he found one of the residents covered in ants!! he said they are always hiring