Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 more day!

Only 1 more day till my husband comes home! yay he has been gone for a week. he went out to maryland to visit his sister Chelsea. he is having a blast and im so glad he got to go, but im ready for him to come home, ive been so bored this week! and im getting lonely! 1 more night of no husband than he will be here yay!!!


Tedi said...

So sorry you have to be alone! That's always the worst! Glad you are cheerful still. :)

Amy and Cody said...

Love it! I hate when Cody leaves on trips.

Tucker & Tiffany said...

Wahoo!! I hate having the husband gone. It's much more fun to be together.
I remember Tucker leaving, when we were first married, on a hunting trip with my dad and brothers for a week. I was going insane! Separation, no matter the length, can be hard.
(FYI~Tucker has been gone for about 5 months, but will be back in 1 month! Yay! I think you asked me on one of my blog posts, but I forgot to respond until now. :))