Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update on our busy lives!

So i know its been forever since we have posted anything, we have been really busy, work has been kinda crazy having 2 people leave so me and jesse have been working lots. well here is a quick update of whats been going on.
on the 24th of july weekend we were able to go up north and spend some time with my family, we went boating, it was so much fun, except for the part where jesse got fried! he burnt his feet so bad he couldn't wear shoes for a while, he is finally just getting over the burn! lets see were learned that roxy loves boating and tubing!

two weekends ago we were lucky enough to have tad, sarah and paisley come visit us! it was only for the weekend but well worth it, we took paisley swimming, then went to dinner adn we babysat paisley while tad and sarah went to a shakespearean play. i love paisley! i had so much fun with her. me sarah and paisley went shopping saturday which was really fun and we both got some cute things. then of course we played settlers that night!
well this weekend is my last weekend before i head back to school, and what is a better way to end the summer than to spend it with your family. we are going up north to visit jesse's family because his sister chelsea is coming to town, jesse is really excited, and of course i am too, its been a long time since i have seen chels and its going to be a great weekned i know it!!!!!
So on the last note this is my last semester of school! i will be an official college graduate in december! im so freaken excited!! i can't wait to be done with the nursing school and to finally get a real job doing what i love!
here are some pictures of use tubing with roxy! ( i bet frodo cant do this!)

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Tedi said...

WOW! I can't believe you're done! My friend Angelynn is done too this semester. I'm not even in the Nursing program, and I want to be done! haha So happy for you!