Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

I know that is really late, but on June 28th, jesse turned the big 24! :) we did a lot of fun stuff for his birthday, since his birthday was on a sunday and we have church at 9am, i decided to make jesse his breakfast birthday on saturday. i made him blueberry pancakes, with magelby's syrup (which is amazing!) this was at jesse's request. they turned out really yummy. after breakfast we threw on our swimsuits, and grabbed roxy and headed to Kanarraville to hike to the falls. it was a really fun hike, Jesse had never been on this hike before so i enjoyed taking him on it. Roxy really enjoyed it too, until we got to the water part. haha. after the hike we headed home to clean up then drove down to Mongolian BBQ in St. George adn had some yummy dinner, this is probably one of jesse's favorite resturants. well after a long fun day we went home and watched a movie. The next day on his official birthday, he got sang to in primary! :) which he loved, then after church i went to work on his cake, I wanted to make is special so i put food coloring in the batter, which turned out really cool, then i decorated it so it looked like the batman symbol, which turned out awesome, i am really impressed with this cake. haha jesse loved it and i wouldn't let him see it until it was done, he had no idea i was going to make it look like batman! so for dinner we had homemade tacos and cake. it was awesome!

Happy Birthday Jesse! I love you so much, you are a great husband and i had so much fun with you!

At the mouth of the slot canyon!

smile! jesse posing in front of his bday breakfast.

haha jesse modeling the gifts from his mom! the cake Before!

After! Smile Love!

This last weekend, my best friend Carolyn came down to visit, it was a lot of fun, i set her up with my friend mike, we hung out all weekend, on friday we made hobo dinners up the canyon, then came back to our place and watched a movie. On saturday me and care drove down to st. george where we did a lot of shopping, which was great, i have missed having a shopping buddy. when we got back we jumped into our suits grabbed jesse and mike and headed to the Meadow Hot Springs. it had been 2 years since i had been so i was nervous about finding the right spot, well come to find out i didn't exatly remember how to get there, haha we ended up driving around for like 2 hours, then we decided to head home, but as we were heading back i saw the turn off, we had drove right past it. i felt like a dummy, but it ended up being a blast, and well worth the adventures we had finding it. :) after hanging out at the hot springs we headed home, and stopped at dennys at 3am and had breakfast! Im so glad Care got to come visit, i have really missed my best friend! This has been a good summer so far.

Me and Care!

The awesome sign in front of the hot springs. NO NUDITY! Carolyn and Mike

Enjoying the hot springs, and the random guys in the back.

Me and jesse!


Jimmy and Chelo said...

Looks like FUN! Hey-Meadow hot springs....OH memories of that place! Their like 10 minutes from my home-town! : D

Chelsea Pratt said...

Jesse's B-day sounded like lots of fun! The cake turned out really cute! I like the looks of your house too! I want more pics!

Madelyn said...

Hey Amie! It's good to hear from you. It HAS been a long time. We did have good times at my grandma's house. You were always so nice to me. Sounds like your enjoying life! I'm so glad. I'll look forward to the updates.

Whitney Hurst said...

It looks like you had a good time! Where are those hot springs?