Saturday, September 20, 2008

My first IV!

So its been a while, so i will catch you all up on what has been going on lately.

last week i passed off my first IV stick! woot woot, it took pictures of christy and taryn getting theirs but i forgot to get a picture of when i finally got mine! sad i know.

here is christy getting her IV started on Taryn!

So besides getting my first IV started, school has been just as crazy as ever, i have been voted to be the SNA president! so thats pretty cool, that stands for Student Nursing Association. so i get to do fundraisers and work on getting trips set up. i think it going to be lots of fun.

well last weekend we went up north so that we could see chelsea and andrew, which was really fun, we played lots of settlers! and im proud to say that i definantly won a game! we also went bowling with jesse's friend mark, which was fun. then we had a birthday dinner for jesse's brother ben. but yeah nothing to big has been going on, but i will try to keep you all more updated!

Paisley with her favorite uncle Jesse

jesse's best friend mark and his friend from Germany


Chelsea Pratt said...

Sarah will kill you for putting a picture up of her in her swimsuit. P.S thanks for coming and visiting us.
P.P.S. Why don't you have pictures of Andrew and me on your blog?

Chase and Tedi said...

Your first IV? Holy Cow! I remember doing IV's at Provo College, and let me say one of the girls did my IV wrong and got blood all over me and my scrubs. lol Thankfully I was wearing my red scrubs. :D I'm glad you're having fun! Miss you guys!