Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Job Interview!

so i had given up on this job, that i interviewed for about 2 weeks ago. until last week i got a phone call for a second job interview!!! yaya im so excited! this interview is a group interview with the doctor, nurse manager, a few other nurses and the therapist that work there and basically its to see how well i fit with there team. I am way nervous but i think i will do well! i really hope i get this job it would be really good for me and jesse! yay. well we just also got back from a very short trip to jesse's moms house where we went up for mothers day. it was a nice trip. so i will keep you informed on what it going on :)


Amy said...

Fingers crossed!

Jay and Danielle said...

Oh I hope you get it that would be awesome! GOOD LUCK!

Aaron and Julie said...

I hope I hope I hope!!