Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So Last week i went on my cruise, and can i just tell you that it was a blast! we went to half moon cay in the bahamas, St. Tomas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. These places were so beautiful! everywhere you went it was white sand and clear blue ocean! So this post is going to be a quick one because im not at home and i want to post pictures of the cruise so i will give you a quick insight of what we did then post pictures with more details later! There was a group of 20 people that all went on the cruise with us, most were friends of my moms, but it was all good because i got along with everyone and we all had a blast. My aunt and cousin from Texas came out with us, which was so great! i really love my cousin and we get along great so it was good to have a whole week to spend together.

Well here are some highlights of the trip!
-going to Miami and walking around the board walk ( this is the farthest east i have ever been! and it was so pretty!)
-eating all the free food you want! and it was all delicious!
-watching and singing karaoke everynight! it was a blast and met lots of fun people!
-going snorkiling with sting rays! i held one, and fed it! also saw a barcuda while i was snorkling!
-spending a awesome week with my mom!
-laying out by some of the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen!
-learning to play some new games! L,R,C and 1 to 100! very fun games
-meeting lots of interesting people on the ship, and making a few new friends.
-seeing tons of drunk people nad realizing how happy i am to be LDS.
-being flashed by a drunk girl, not really a highlight but it had a pretty funny story to go along with it.
-getting a tan and being in warm weather!
-going to Puerto Rico! it was by far my favorite spot, it is so gorgeous and i could spend a whole week there! i want to go back!
-i loved all the towel animals i got on my bed each night! they were so cute!
-many more fun things.

Sorry this is a random post, im still coming off my high of a great trip, and havent' quite come back to reality yet. but i can say i am happy to be home with my husband i missed him so much and the trip would of been 100 times greater if he was with me.
ok i will post pics later!

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Tedi said...

I bet Jesse was SUPER jealous!