Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Job Interview!

So this has been a crazy stressful week! first my dog chewed up my phone, and then all day yesterday people from my class were getting calls for interviews down at Dixie, and i was freaking out because my phone wasn't working so how were they going to contact me? well lucky they emailed me and i have an interview for the Dixie Regional Medical Center Residency program Tomorrow at 11am! i am so excited but also so nervous, its a group interview because they got so many applicants, im worried i wont stand out i just don't know what to do im freaking out i really want this, but im afraid they wont like me. ahh what to do! so everyone if you will pray for me and keep me in your thoughts and send me good vibes that would be awesome!!

ps this is my last week of class crazy!!!


Hadley Family said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Call me if you get this before your interview. Maybe we can do lunch. Hope it all goes well!!!

Aaron and Julie said...

you will do great!!! I'm so proud of you for making it through school!! YAY!!