Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm feeling Crafty!

So i went up north last weekend to see my family, and me, my mom and aunts went to a craft fair where i saw this awesome booth that sold very cute head bands. well there was one with some feathers on it, that i just fell in love with. but since i can't wait till christmas ;) i decided to make my own, so here are some pics of the feather headbands i made! i just love them!

ps. i only have one month left of school! yay its so crazy i can't believe im almost done! i can start applying for jobs now which is awesome and scary.


Janelle Bird said...

Look at you! Those are so fun! I love feather headbands.

Hadley Family said...

So so cute!!! Maybe I will have to talk you into letting me post them on the craft blog one of these days.