Monday, May 25, 2009

I love Summer!

So i know its been a long time since i have posted anything, im sorry i am a slacker! so here is whats been going on, I have officially passed level 3 of the nursing program and i am now a level 4 nursing student which means i only have one semester left! yay! i graduate this upcoming december i am so excited!

Me and jesse have added a new member to our family! we got a puppy and her name is Roxy! she is a hound, terrier mix, and the cutest dog ever i love her so much!! she can be a little devil sometimes, but she is still a puppy so we hope she grow out of it! :)

So jesse and i have just been working lots, Gandolfo's is going well, its still kinda slow but he has high hopes for the summer! other than work, the first week of may, i went to California with a bunch of my nursing classmates, we stayed in LA, and the main part of our trip is when we went to the PRICE IS RIGHT!!! it was so awesome! we made shirts that said drew pick me, i may be your nurse someday! it was so surreal, i told myself im not going to get all excited and act like an idiot like most people do on the show but its insane how exicting it is, we had one of our friends get called up, Alysha, it was awesome, once they called her name, everyone freaked out! haha so yeah she got called up, and she got on stage, she won a brandnew computer, 40 in plasma tv, and an ipod, it was pretty sweet! it was so fun! i suggest if you are ever in LA you need to go to the price is right!

my sushi experience!

getting ready for Price is Right

at the Chinese Man Theater
we also went to Hollywood, the Beach, i ate sushi for the first time and found out that i am allergic to crab, yeah that was fun, my lips got all swollen and my throat got all itchy, it was scarry. but i lived. we also went to six flags, and just had so much fun! i want to go back!

Lets see what else have we been up to? well we have a new calling in church, we just got called to be CTR 5 primary teachers. so we teach the 5 and 6 year olds. which is really fun, im enjoying it so much!

Pictures of our House!


Aaron and Julie said...

yay!! That all looks like soooo much fun!! and you are almost done yippeee!!!

The Jensen's said...

UGH I'm sooo jealous that I missed out on the price is right!!!!! SAD ;{ oh well looks like you are doin good!