Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Frustrations

Sorry its been a while since we have posted anything. School has been kicking my butt lately, i have had 3 midterms 3 weeks in a row, they are all ATI test, which are computerized and 40% of our grade. I failed my first one (along with 13 others) and our teachers and director decided to tell us its because we dont study enough, and that maybe we shouldn't be in the program. well that is bull! i have basically lived at the library this past month, i haven't seen my husband in a long time! we tried to talk to the director of the program and our teach the ask what we could do to help us get past these test, and how to pass the class ( that test bumped me from a b+ to a C-) because there are at least 6 of us now in jeopardy of failing and having to repeat the class, they basically said to bad, study harder.

im so frustrated right now because im giving 110% and to have my teacher tell me i dont study enough is a slap to the face. the reason so many of us failed is that our teach doesnt teach us what we need to know. also they expect us to past these test when we have only covered 50 % of the material, basically our midterm was a final. so yeah i might have to redo the class next semester and i have finally come to grips with that, it will just be really humiliating to be the dumb one who couldn't pass stupid med surg!So i have taken two of my midterms, i went to take my last one this friday and the computers were down so it has been moved to next week, which would be fine, but i have a pharmacology test that week to and clinicals, so im really stressed out and anxiety ridden. but i just keep going one day at a time.

So that is my school story and the causes of my stress, but we have even more crap happening to us. Jesse just lost his job, because the company he worked for just decided to go out of buisness, and not tell anyone. so we got a call this week that jesse is out of a job, so now were are scrounging anywhere to find a job, and its an impossible task to do in cedar because you have to know people to get jobs here. and then today we find out that our last paycheck has bounced! and we can't get ahold of anyone to get it fixed so now we are in even bigger financial trouble because we can't afford to pay our bills right now. so life just sucks for us, we are doing our best, we have been paying our tithing so we are just praying that things will work out. as for school, im just studying more and more and crossing my fingers i pass.


Bode & Taryn said...

Hey I saw that UPS is hiring for seasonal help and you don't need any special drivers license or anything may he could try there. It would be a good short term fix and they pay pretty good. Just thought i would let ya know.

JAM said...

Amie, I am so proud of you no matter what stupid professors think. Aaron's school is pretty intense but just think you could have it a lot worse I can't believe what some of the people down here in the unsheltered world of texas go through. I know that you will do good and that things will turn around! Love ya

Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

Hi Amie! I saw a link to your blog on Julie's blog, it's good to sort of see you.. your blog is so cute! I'm sorry that everything is so stressful for you right now!!